Some of the Surprising ways SERLC is helping people….without knowing it (besides helping the plants, animals, air, water, and climate change)!

Tubing & kayak / canoe trails

Chestatee, Flint & South Rivers – we protect scenic land along recreation trails (pics are from our protected lands plus internet pic of a nearby paddling access point)


Harmony Through HorsesHarmony Through Horses

Harmony Through Horses addiction counseling is thankful for the views that we help protect that relax & inspire people working in recovery  (helping individuals & groups, plus pro bono work with addiction treatment centers & the women’s prison)

Lake Myra

What a perfect natural laboratory right next to a grade school.
This is the year to plan & break ground on the environmental education center.
We just have to make sure to protect the bald eagle nest & rare plants.

And…this is hopefully the year we’ve been waiting for – to host a Bio-Blitz and have the event at Lake Myra!! Experts in all kinds of fields descend on a place for a day – it’s the way that species new to science are found, plus it gives us a much, much better pic of what is on a preserve in order to protect it better. 

Helping with Climate Change

Forest loss and depletion accounts for 25% of worldwide CO2 emissions which are linked to global warming. Intact forests absorb CO2. Young forests provide a carbon gain of about 140 tons of carbon per acre (Wayburn, 2008). Conservation forests 200 years old provide a carbon gain of about 275 tons per acre.

If we estimated that 20K acres of SERLC-protected lands are old growth habitat or mature forests that will never be logged, that would = 5,500,000 tons of carbon/year!

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