In 2018 SERLC protected a considerable three thousand fifty-three(3,053) acres of forests, views, river banks, and farms in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama. We’re proud to bring our cumulative total to 30,050 acres of land protectedforever! And we’re looking forward to protecting more in the future. Of the 76 projects, ten are in Alabama, thirty-five in Georgia, seventeen in North Carolina, twelve in South Carolina, and two in Tennessee. The projects vary greatly in size and the habitats protected range from the mountains, piedmont & sandhills, to the coast.


  • Appalachian Mountain Land (forested & open)
  • Ridge & Valley Land (forested & open)
  • Piedmont Land (forested & open)
  • Fall-line Sandhills Land (forested & open)
  • Coastal Land (forested & open)
  • Wetlands, Stream Corridor & Open Water (all regions)


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