In 2021, SERLC protected one thousand three hundred twenty-one (1,321) acres of rare habitats, farms, forests, and creeks in North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. This now brings our cumulative total to 34,750 acres of land protected. And we’re looking forward to protecting more land in the future. More farmland was permanently protected, which we consider a patriotic duty to help the stability of food sources and rural communities in the US. Rare habitats and species were also given protection. The Covid situation has focused an even brighter spotlight on how crucial natural and open spaces are for quality of life, as well as food sources and natural communities which may contain future medicinal cures. Of our 140 projects, 23 are in Alabama, 52 in Georgia, 39 in North Carolina, 23 in South Carolina, and 3 in Tennessee. The projects range from the mountains, ridge & valley, piedmont, and sandhills to the coast.


  • Appalachian Mountain Land (forested & open)
  • Ridge & Valley Land (forested & open)
  • Piedmont Land (forested & open)
  • Fall-line Sandhills Land (forested & open)
  • Coastal Land (forested & open)
  • Wetlands, Stream Corridor & Open Water (all regions)


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