A new easement will protect land along the Enoree River in the rolling pastoral land of the South Carolina Piedmont. The easement directly adjoins a South Carolina Heritage Preserve that was established to protect a Federally-endangered species as well as other rare species and a wide variety of bird life. The state preserve is owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for the benefit of the public. A portion of this property was purchased with the assistance of The Nature Conservancy and a 19.6-acre tract was acquired via mitigation by the SC Department of Transportation. It is frequently used for research projects by nearby Furman University faculty and students. Many members of the local community walk the trails. It appears that groups such as boy scouts and the Audubon Society are actively involved with the preserve. The Monastery for St. Clare of the Poor is across the road from the preserve and easement. This new easement not only enhances the regional scenic views but also the ecology of the area…. and without requiring state funding.

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