In 2017 SERLC protected one thousand eight hundred seventeen (1,817) acres of farms and forests in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. This now brings our cumulative total to 26,997 acres of land protected! And we’re looking forward to protecting more land in the future.

Of the 64 projects, seven are in Alabama, twenty-nine in Georgia, sixteen in North Carolina, ten in South Carolina, and two in Tennessee. The projects range from the mountains, piedmont & sandhills, to the coast. Although projects vary greatly in size, the average acreage would come out at about 421 acres per project.

In the Ridge & Valley of Alabama we added land that included a small example of a rare montane longleaf pine forest to one of our existing easements. We protected farms in South Carolina and Georgia and learned about growing peanuts and oysters than we thought! We also protected scenic public views from Lake Russell, portions of a proposed water trail for canoeists and kayakers, and a unique rare Granite Flatrock natural community.

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