The Southeast Regional Land Conservancy protects a cumulative acreage of seven thousand nine hundred thirty-three (7,933) acres in a total of thirty-one projects. Of the projects, six are in Alabama, eleven in Georgia, eleven in North Carolina, two in South Carolina, and one in Tennessee. In 2010 we accepted a large new project in the South Carolina sandhills and added important habitat area to an existing easement in the North Carolina mountains. The one thousand three hundred and two (1,302) acres were placed under easement in 2010. Although projects range widely in sizes, the project size would average at 256 acres per project.

Easement land types have been divided into eleven classifications categories (see the pie chart). The classifications for the easements given from most to least prevalent are as follows: 1) Coastal forested land; 2) Mountain forested land; 3) Piedmont forested land; 4) Wetlands; 5) Piedmont open land; 6) Coastal open land; 7) Ridge and Valley forested land; 8) Stream corridor (actually a greater amount but often included within forested or open land); 9) Ridge and Valley open land; 10) Mountain open land; 11) Open water area is shown for a number of easements but is not counted as acreage. The main community types protected in the 2010 easements were Mountain forested land and Coastal forested land.

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