Situated in the inner Coastal Plain, the Sage Valley easements are within the northern edge of the Fall-line Sandhills. This geologic formation is quite limited and supports very unique habitats. The cumulative easements now protect three thousand nine hundred sixty-three (3963) acres. Continuity, such as afforded this large land area, is an important ecological concept for sustainable habitat for plant and animal species. Habitat value is enhanced exponentially when connectivity occurs because habitat potential and diversity is increased. Large land area means that the species within can maintain better genetic diversity and have larger foraging/nesting habitats. The easement area supports rare species and important natural communities.

The easement area is within an area identified by the State of South Carolina in 1995 as a high priority for conservation, to be among the highest ranked sites for large area projects by physiographic province (see references and maps in appendices). As a result of the studies, the state recognized the ecological importance of these lands and state agencies had recommended purchase by the state in order protect the habitats. It is likely that the state didn’t have the funds to do so. Now, through private easement, the protection of these important natural areas is being realized.

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